Pontus Alv Strongest Of The Strange!

Strongest Of The Strange skate video soundtrack. Video by Pontus Alv. Strongest Of The Strange was released in Skaters appearing: Daniel Hakansson. Page: 1/5 - 'The Strongest of the Strange' was Pontus' first video that he made and it took the skate world by storm. It showcased his hometown. Above photo credits. Photographer: /u/inkjet · Sidebar Photo Archives. Submission Rules: 1. Skateboarding Pictures and Videos Only.

Strongest of the Strange from Pontus Alv, circa The video was filmed from to , and is the handy work of Pontus Alv. This is one.

From the February issue Pontus Alv Last interview. and Europa ('00) through The Strongest of the Strange ('05)—the following interview. Strongest Of The Strange - Pontus Alv Film. By Otávio Burin. 14 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?). Just in case you didn't know already - Pontus' DVD featuring a host of non- conventional skate types (Pontus, Howard Cooke, Scott Bourne, etc).

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Starting as a small operation in Malmo, by Pontus Alv, Polar Skate Co. is now Previously filming full length features' 'Strongest Of The Strange' () and 'In.

“It has been five years since Pontus Alv's film the Strongest of the Strange came out. Even before the premiere Pontus had already started.

Polar Skate Co. Polar The Strongest Of The Strange T-Shirt. – Design by Pontus Alv. – Screenprint on chest and back. – grams cotton fabric. – % cotton.

Who says that only the newest skateboard videos can/should show up here the Strongest of the Strange from Pontus Alv is a mix of filming from to

Ever since I saw Pontus Alv's “Strongest of the Strange” I wanted to build some skate stuff myself. The film blew my mind – great skating.

It has been five years since Pontus Alv's last film Strongest of the Strange came out; a raw mix of local spots, killer skating and 8mm film-art. alv Every once in a while, I feel like watching a skate video. Entitled “The Strongest of the Strange” (derived from a Bukowski poem) and composed by Pontus Alv, (a Swede long involved in skateboarding.) There is lots of. The Strongest of the Strange Polar Skate Co. Description; Credits "Trocadéro Days" by Pontus Alv: Converse Skateboarding · Converse.

Pontus Alv Strongest of the Strange 1/ One of the worst things EVER. This is a slow, dull, self ego inflating piece of shit which failed at any point to interest me.

The new Polar Skate Co. video by Pontus Alv I don't like it here inside my mind, don't wake me this The Strongest of the Strange – Pontus Alv, ). Other experimentations abound. TransWorld's The Cinematographer Project (), for example. The skateboardvideo is entitled The Strongest of the Strange - a film composed by Pontus Alv and is also available in full length on the web.

To hype the program tomorrow we have found some older pontus ale's parts. MAD CIRCLE Pontus Alv The strongest of the strange. As I'm sure anyone who has seen his films will agree, Pontus Alv is straighter and more accessible production than Strongest Of The Strange. Items 1 - 90 of Polar is the brain child of Pontus Alv. Pontus is a seasoned professional creating amazing videos like "The Strongest Of The Strange and "In.

After, The Strongest of the Strange and In Search of the Miraculous, Pontus Alv presents us his very last project: Like it Inside My Mind, Don't. Converse ha ufficializzato la news dell'ingresso di Pontus nel team That frustration became 'The Strongest of the Strange', which then lead. Pontus Alv has been intriguing underground skate fans for nearly a decade That ended up becoming the “Strongest of The Strange” video.

PONTUS ALV, THE LAST INTERVIEW. Well it was, living in my bubble, I did my first video, The Strongest of the Strange, which was kind of.

Pontus Alv has used Joy Division in a number of productions, but I'm going to focus on his inaugural offering, The Strongest of the Strange.

You could say veteran skateboarder Pontus Alv saw the writing on this The Strongest of the Strange, a black-and-white film that, at the time. Pontus Alv (Polar Skateboards) at night and culture talk with Pontus Alv, the man behind the skateboard brand Polar. Movie: “The Strongest of the Strange”. How does 8 minutes of unseen Pontus grab you? By the balls I expect. Pontus quit Cliché before the Bon Appetit video was done so this footage has been on ice.

Founded and owned by Pontus Alv, the brand's products and creative two films centered around the sport -- The Strongest of the Strange and The Search for.

After Arcade fell apart the first time, I lost track of Pontus until Jocko Weyland sent me a copy of Strongest Of The Strange a couple years ago.


Pontus Alv y Arto Saari están sentados dentro del almacén de Polar, Su película de , The Strongest of the Strange (puedes verla.

It has been five years since Pontus Alv's film "The Strongest of the Strange" came out. Hard work behind and in front of the camera, the unconditional love for.

From "Strongest Of The Strange" 5 years, Pontus Alv filmmakers and by name of the world known became damp, "In Search of the Miraculous", was. This board just came out, it's Pontus Alv board on Carhartt. He made a skateboard documentary film called "The Strongest of the Strange". Pontus Alv on one of "his" spots in Malmö. Two Sunpak J's Pontus Alv Bs Smith Have you seen "Strongest of the Strange"? One of my.

carrying the packed lunches) and women -. Skateboarding - We are the Strongest of the Strange “Pontus Alv. concretegirlspromjpg.

1: Pontus Alv "The Strongest of the Strange" 2: All Jason Adams parts 3: Jason Lee "Video Days" favorite mid 90's TV show: Home Improvement and Fresh.

It seemed like some fellas realized this fact the night before, after watching Pontus Alv's ''the Strongest of the strange'' and Winstan Whitter's ''Rollin through the. If you happen to have seen Pontus Alvs last film, The Strongest of the Strange, then I know you are just as excited as we are to see his newest film, In Search of . The brand from the mastermind Pontus Alv! ✓All products in stock ✓Ready to ship. He created two classics with his films "Strongest of the Strange" and "In.

Polar Skate Co was founded by Pontus Alv in and based out of Malmo, Sweden. Polar Skate Co The Strongest Of The Strange Tee — $

Graphic Design Pontus Alv Jad Hussein Printed at The Guardian Print Centre, Through the two films I made (Strongest of the Strange and In.

As sums up Huh online magazine, the release of [Pontus Alv] video The Strongest of the Strange found itself responsible for inspiring skateboarders from .

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