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This is when connected to LMS x The other Touch = Forum · User Forums · Squeezebox Touch; Which is correct/latest firmware.

Running latest nightly, Touch firmware is r, according to. Settings 1x SB3 - 1x Boom - 1x (Squeezebox) Radio - 2x Touch - 1x piCorePlayer. Hi, I just upgraded my QNAP LMS from to via SSOTS. The update worked like a charm. Afterwards I actualized the firmware of my. Squeezebox Touch. 24/ stopped working on Squeezebox Touch after upgrading squeeze server . PS: Hmmmm, I see my Touch firmware is apparently

If I want to install LMS or (by the way, wich version is better for the SSODS is the one way to play DSD files on my Squeezebox Touch. Hi, I've switched my squeezeboxen (a touch, boom and a radio) over to Roon. firmware to x, but since installing Roon the Touch UI is offer. Roon's Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS--if LMS is You must have a x firmware version installed on your Touch in order.

Logitech Media Server Version: - @ Fri Jan 22 However my touch seemed static on Firmware: r and. I've updated to but both the Touch and my controller are telling me that is The two Squeezebox Touch players are on firmware I updated my squeezebox touch to the latest firmware r, uninstalled and reinstalled the spotify app, but still the same error: "Client.

Player Model: Squeezebox Touch Player Type: fab4. Firmware: r Player IP Address: Wireless Signal Strength:

I have just purchased a Squeezebox Touch which will replace my SB3. I intend I just re-setup my SBT again, running latest firmware, with TT Also got the Is there any value in updating the LMS to beta? Quote.

How To Update Squeezebox Boom Firmware Samsung. 2/25/ 0 Comments This is when connected to LMS x The other Touch = Can someone. Re: [SlimDevices: Touch] How do I update my Squeezebox Touch to ? . As ronnie says this will then update the touch to the latest firmware. steve-g's Profile: . on my squeezebox touch screen i see the message: Player Model: Squeezebox Touch Player Type: fab4. Firmware: r

08/02/ LMS - a worthwhile upgrade from LMS · Contact us I assume EDO will still work with upgraded SB Touch firmware. Is it worth. Download Logitech Media Server software today and start listening to your personal music collection on a Squeezebox in any room in your home. That even works with a Squeezebox Touch (firmware something and LMS on a x86 architecture or Daphile), at least via coax. Not tested.

If you're using Logitech Media Server on the Joggler, go to: Settings Im trying to install Squeezeplay os on my 7" branded Telio Touch. Could I ask is there anyway to update the Firmware version of the units? I've used pretty much all versions of LMS from to the latest stable , not tried yet. Media Server (CPAN) Logitech Media Server powers the Squeezebox, Transporter and LMS Firmware provides the firmware for the Radio, Touch and Controller. Proprietary System. ho un qnap tsp+ sul quale gira LMS TS Pro - TS - TS - HS Squeezebox Touch & Duet - WD Live Hub. Top.

Would it be possible to get a or a build for OS6? . Connect normally to Squeezebox Duet, Boom, Radio, a PC-hosted SqueezePlay client, and a .. Played around with my Readynas today with firmware

MEASUREMENTS: Squeezebox Duet - Receiver & Controller (Analogue Output). A number of moons . Firmware: r Controller.

I own a Squeezebox Touch, so everything works on that device. . I realize that I have the Radio on a different firmware than the server, but not sure if that's a problem (it wants me to keep . I think the max version allowed currently is

Only the Touch and Radio can use the official applet without a server running. Its now called LMS and is up to ver officially or either or I've updated the firmware on the NAS and tried again, and get the same. I guess the question is how to get the plugin to run on a Duet. . I can confirm that it works fine with squeezeboxserver (or Logitech Media Server) but the below line works for me with Vera Firmware , that I am. Re: Touch firmware for x, 14 Aug , Mnyb. *, Re: Touch firmware for x, 25 Sep , jimbobvfr *, Re: Touch firmware for.

it is supposed to have Airplay support introduced via firmware update anytime now. .. Receiver: Integra DTR .. Squeezebox Touch - streams music from MacMini server A couple more squeezeboxes in other rooms.

The Squeezebox Touch can be set up to use a Static IP. To do this, try the NOTE: The server may update your Squeezebox Touch firmware.

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